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Entry tips

Please make sure you answer all the questions under your category. Answers to the ‘what’ questions should provide specific data relating to the input or the outcome from a process or activity. This may be key data, decisions, and/or objectives. Graphs, charts and other tools are also helpful in presenting information. When answering a ‘describe’ question, give a general account, concentrate on the main features, highlight and give the most essential points. When asked ‘how’ please clarify further about the manner in which something was achieved − you are being asked about the quantity or degree of success. Please upload relevant graphs/charts and other information to the supporting documentation tab. Maximum of 3 x one page documents. WORD COUNT – 1500 - 2000 for each category – approx 500 - 700 per question (This is just a guide).

Beginning your submission

In order to continue you will need to register your details and choose a username and password – make a record of these as you will need them each time you return to your entry.

Returning to a saved entry

Simply log into your account and visit my entries on your dashboard. This will show all your started entries and you can amend any of them.

Submitting your entry

Once you have completed all questions and are happy with your answers tick your entry and press ‘Submit’. Please note you can log in and edit your entry until the closing date and time.

Finished entry

When your entry has been successfully submitted you will receive an email confirmation; if you do not receive this email, please contact Rachel Clifford on events@queenstownchamber.org.nz. Please note: all entries are confidential. Only judges will view your submission, and they cannot see your login details.