Covid Resilience & Diversification Award
Small Business of the Year Award
Employer of the Year
Excellence in Sustainability Award
Excellence in Innovation Award
Excellence in Service Delivery Award
Excellence in Marketing Award
Excellence in Strategy Planning Award
People’s Choice Award

Covid Resilience and Diversification Award

This Award recognises a business that has successfully diversified its offerings for a sustainable outcome in times of Covid 19.

  1. Outline the specific challenge and/or opportunity you were facing as a result of the impact of Covid 19.
  2. Outline the resulting plan you developed and executed to overcome your challenge, or seize your opportunity. How can you demonstrate positive results from your plan.
  3. Explain how the learnings from 2020 is informing future planning for the company.
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Small Business of the Year Award

The Small Business of the Year Award is open to any business with a turnover up to $2 million exc GST.

  1. Describe your business strategy and how your business is managed, your vision, ideas and plans.
  2. What makes your business stand out? Describe your four main strengths.
  3. Describe how your business invests in its people, workplace culture, professional development etc.
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Employer of the Year Award

This Award recognises a business that demonstrates how their people practices and culture have contributed to the business’ outstanding success.

  1. How do the recruitment and retention practices of your business support its strategy and help to deliver success?
  2. Describe initiatives you have implemented that create opportunities for employee learning, growth, and engagement.
  3. How do you demonstrate commitment to the health, safety, and wellbeing of your employees?
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Excellence in Sustainability Award

This Award recognises a business that demonstrates how sustainable practices, which are embedded into the organisational strategy and operations, deliver sustainable business growth.

  1. Describe your business environmental sustainability goals. Note that these must be quantifiable targets.
  2. Describe the initiatives/actions your organisation has undertaken to achieve its sustainability objectives in the previous 12- 24 months.
  3. Describe how you involve staff in your environmental initiatives.
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Excellence in Innovation Award

This Award recognises a business that has enhanced its success by identifying and implementing an innovative idea. The innovation can be in a product/service/technology or process.

  1. Describe the innovation and explain how it is unique/original? How did you identify and then implement your innovation?
  2. How are you measuring the success and value of the innovation?
  3. Describe any risks or challenges your business faced when introducing this innovation. How did you manage them? What did you learn?
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Excellence in Service Delivery Award

This Award recognises a business that has achieved success by providing excellent and sustained customer service, and demonstrates its customer commitment via its service policy, employee training etc.

  1. How would you describe the customer service philosophy of your business?
  2. How does your business’ commitment to service delivery directly contribute to its success?
  3. How do you measure your customer service? How are you engaging your team to achieve your service commitment?
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Excellence in Marketing Award

This Award recognises a business that demonstrates outstanding customer and market insight, using marketing to optimise performance and increase customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.

  1. Explain how you market your business. How do you measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing activities?
  2. How does your business and its marketing plan respond to changing market expectations and buyer behaviour?
  3. Describe your target market and explain how competitive it is. How does your business differentiate itself to stand out from competitors?
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Excellence in Strategy and Planning Award

This Award recognises a business that has achieved success from developing and implementing a long-term strategy/plan as well as setting measurable goals/targets.

  1. Describe in detail the steps you have taken in developing and implementing your business strategy.
  2. What initiatives or plans have you introduced to meet your strategic objectives?
  3. How do you monitor the progress and measure the outcomes of your objectives?
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People's Choice Award

This Award recognises a business that stands out for customer satisfaction and has excelled in the eyes of the community, stakeholders, staff, and customers.  Unlike the other categories that have an independent group of judges, this award is in the hands of the public through online voting.

*This category is ONLY open to those who have already entered 1 or more of the other existing categories in the Queenstown Business Awards for 2021.

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